Stirling Engine Kit

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Barcode: 9319236970966
Brand/Imprint: Bohm
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Categories: Scientific / Popular Science
Desk Clutter

This is a very nicely made desktop toy for the technically minded bloke. Somewhat over engineered with precision metalwork, this is a working stirling engine.
The engine comes as a kit requiring assembly, but this is not difficult.

Type: HB7
Bohm Stirling Technik
Made in Germany
Measures approx 16cm x 10.5cm
A Stirling engine is a machine that converts heat into mechanical energy by alternately compressing and expanding air. The expanding air acts on a piston to provide mechanical force: you simply heat up the air chamber, give the flywheel a whirl and away she goes. The only source of energy is heat and as long as heat is applied, the engine will keep running and running. The principle behind the Stirling engine is being utilised in some large-scale thermal/solar energy systems and while you won't quite be able to power your house with it, it's still a fascinating and educational project for the junior mad scientist to experiment for hours with. Beautifully engineered from stainless steel, brass and a genuine timber base. It has 2 ball bearings and should become an heirloom.