Complete Bushfire Safety Book

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Author: Joan Webster
Barcode: 9781740510349
ISBN: 9781740510349
Brand/Imprint: Random House Australia
Release Date: 03 Nov 2000
Format: Trade Paperback
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Was $34.95
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Categories: Non Fiction

The complete, comprehensive, unequalled guide to bushfire safety in Australia. Thoroughly researched, with up to date information on every aspect of the subject.
"I commend this book to every Australian... It could save your life" - N.P. Cheney, CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Management Group
* Background to Bushfires
* Bushfire Cycles
* Bushfire Behaviour
* Insight into Bushfire Tragedy
* How Bushfire Attacks Houses
* Choosing a Safe Site
* A Safe Property Layout
* Design to Keep Bushfire Out of Buildings
* Facilities for Bushfire Defence
* Planting for Bushfire Protection
* How to Prepare for Bushfire Season
* The Decision - Evacuate or Stay?
* Travelling in the Bushfire Season
* What To Do When Bushfire Threatens
* After a Bushfire
* Emergency Checklists